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Activate Your WritFiling Account Before October 1 to Save $195

Before October 1, 2021, if you join WritFiling as a signing authority, you can save the $195 activation fee for a Personal Security License and RSA Token.

Signing up is easy!

To sign up and/or transition your firm’s account, simply complete the following:

1. Download and complete every section of the WritFiling Application Form 105 and fax it to 416-360-6069.

2. If signing authority is required, and the user currently does not have an RSA token, download and complete The Personal Security License and RSA Token Request Form 300W and fax it to 416-360-6069. A soft token will be issued to the authorized user, once the application is reviewed.

Once we receive your application form(s), an account will be set up for your firm and for each user identified on the form(s). Each user will receive an email, that includes an activation code and link. Click the link and when prompted, enter the code to activate your account.

For those with signing authority, once activated, send an email to

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