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How can I generate the Organizational Transaction Report?

Any member of your organization can generate this report, detailing the billable transactions for a defined period of time (maximum of 90 days).

Report Details

  • Transaction ID
  • Date
  • Transaction Pay Date
  • Basket Reference
  • Client Reference ID
  • Writ File Number
  • Description
  • Username
  • Organization
  • Statutory Fee
  • ELRSA Fee aka Service Fee
  • Subtotal
  • HST
  • Quantity
  • Amount Invoiced
  • Amount Paid

To generate the Organizational Transaction Report:

  1. From the menu, select Reports, then Organizational Transaction Report.

The Organizational Transaction Report screen displays.

  1. Select the start and end dates for the report.
  2. Select Search.

The results display.

  1. If desired, select the number of results from the Page size option.

Note: This selection will not affect the output of the report, just the results display.

  1. Select Export as Excel or Export as CSV.

The report downloads, displaying the first 1500 records.

  1. Print or save as you normally would.