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How can I set up Renewal Reminders for writs about to expire?

Renewal reminders can be set for a given number of days prior to the expiration of a writ, to remind you to renew. The organization administrator must first set them for the organization, then individual users can select the option in their User Details.

Once set, Renewal Reminders will display in the Renewal Reminders tab of the Dashboard.

Set up renewal reminders for your organization 

Note: The organization administrator must perform this task before any individuals can enable reminders for their user.

  1. From the Dashboard, select the link containing your company name, and select the Manage link next to your organization name.

The View organization page displays.

  1. Select Maintain organization.
  2. Under “Set up reminders for the organization in relation to when writs will expire”, select Yes.
  3. From the drop-down list, select the number of calendar days prior to expiration you’d like to set the reminders.

Note: The number of days setting will apply to all users in the organization.

  1. Select Save organization.

The reminders will display in the Renewal Reminders tab of the Dashboard.

Set up renewal reminders for your user

  1. From the Dashboard, select the link containing your username, then My User Details.

The Your details screen displays.

  1. Select Edit my details.
  2. Under Renewal Email Reminders, select Yes.

Note: Notifications will be sent to the email address listed beneath the option.

  1. Select Save user.

The reminders will display in the Renewal Reminders tab of the Dashboard.

Renewing a Writ from a Reminder

Note: Once the Writ Renewal link is selected, the reminder will disappear from the Renewal Reminders tab regardless of whether the writ has been renewed.

  1. From the Renewal Reminders tab of the Dashboard, select the Writ Renewal link.

The Search for a Writ to renew screen displays with the Writ File number and Enforcement Office pre-populated.

  1. Select Search for a writ.

The writ opens, containing the details.

  1. Select Renew.
  2. Make the appropriate selections on-screen, read and agree to the Certification and undertaking statement by selecting the option, enter the Reference ID and a note, if needed.
  3. If you have signing authority, select Sign and Apply.

Note: If you aren’t set up for signing authority, select Save and exit, and it can be accessed later from the Files in Progress tab by the lawyer in good standing with the appropriate authority.

The Sign file page displays.

  1. Enter your signing password and the value displayed on your RSA SecurID token.

Tip: The Account Password field on the Sign file page refers to the Token Password you created in PortasPASS. To log into PortasPASS, the Account was provided to you by WritFiling Customer Service when you signed up, or if you are a Teraview user, this is the Teraview Account you use to sign in. You can learn more about your token password in this topic.

  1. Select Sign and Continue to payment.

The Fee payment page displays.

  1. Review the order and from the Payment method drop-down list, select your payment method.

Note: If you select Deposit account, the payment will come directly from that account. Select the account from the drop-down list if you have more than one.

  1. Follow the prompts on-screen.

Note: To use a stored card, next to the stored card displayed, select Pay with this card.

  1. To pay and store your credit card details, select Store credit card details, or to enter your details, select Continue to payment.

A confirmation message appears, advising you that you are entering the Moneris system for payment.

  1. Select OK.
  2. Follow the payment prompts.

Upon successful payment, your writ details display.

Note: The renewal date can be found in the confirmation email you will receive upon submission of your file.

Tip: You can find your writ in the Submitted Files tab in the dashboard. If your writ is still incomplete, you can access it from your Files in Progress tab.

You can return to the home page by selecting Take me to my dashboard.